Tuesday, 30 September 2008

about PIMA

Tonga publisher Kalafi Moala speaks at PIMA 06

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The Pacific Island Media Association NZ (PIMA) was formed in 2001 by Pacific Island television and radio broadcasters, newspaper publishers and journalists, film makers and media students based in Aotearoa.

The aim was to support and develop Pacific Islands people working in the media industry through training and advocacy and by building partnerships with organisations which share our vision.

In this regard we are grateful for the assistance of the Auckland University of Technology (AUT), The Ministry of Pacific Islands Affairs and the Pacific Cooperation Foundation. A debt of gratitude also goes out to all the Pacific Media organisations who have thrown their support behind PIMA these last few years.

But in 2007 PIMA began a process of change, which began with reviewing its constitution, strategic plan, goals and objectives.

In late 2007 the constitution was changed and PIMA’s new motto and mission statement evolved to:

“Network, communicate, educate”

This is our new motto and mission statement whereby we seek to network, educate and communicate amongst Pacific Islands media and those interested in Pacific media.

The catch-phrase:

"Stay in touch, keep informed and build positive and affirming networks."

…was also coined and this along with our motto exemplifies PIMA’s new direction towards being a base from which Pacific Islands media can do just that - stay in touch, keep informed and build positive networks.

This also includes working on partnerships with other like minded organisations and to this end we welcome any partnerships where a common goal and objective may be reached.

Another catch-phrase:

“Incorporate, Integrate, Communicate”

…may encapsulate the approach to media in the 21st Century, which PIMA is trying to keep up with.

It’s a new era with new media, multiple technologies and multiple sources of information paving the way to another tomorrow.

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